Our Story

Tunisia is a nurturing land, which has more than a 3000 year of vibrant history and a long weaving tradition. Each plot of its fertile soil bears the seal of succeeding civilizations, resulting in a rich mosaic of colours which attest to the rich diversity of its historical heritage. Its textile legacy is reflects this diversity and richness.

It is said that in 19th century, the Ottoman governor's daughter was among the first, in the region of Kairouan, to weave a wool carpet an offer it to one of the city's mosques. Since than, this tradition has expanded to make the city of Kairouan the capital of weaving in Tunisia.

In the southern villages, weaving occupies a very special place. Colourful carpets cover the floors and walls and cover the different households' furniture. Their vibrant colours are extracted from natural, plant pigments: light red, night blue, orange, etc. The most beautiful are permeated with numerous geometric patterns: diamonds, chevrons, symbols and small animals, following a very traditional and rich lexicon.

In The Southern Villages, weaving has a special pleace in every household.