Our production site can manufacture up to 5000 items per day. We can handle your project needs from finished products based upon reference models (co-contracting) or simply tailor more complete projects (sub-contracting).

We adapt with your quality and volume needs and accept small orders starting from 300 items.


Our team incorporates over one hundred employees.
We rely on both, the hard work and the competency of our workforce.

We are always eager to listen to your demands
and work hand-in-hand in an intelligent, agile
and efficient approach.


We maintain very strong and sustainable ties with clients. We believe in our bold relation with our partners. That is why we put forth every effort to keep our collaboration a win-win approach.

Brands like United Colors of Benetton, among others, have put their trust in us. We provide quality services to brands locally, and internationally.


We streamlined our delivery process in order to be very competitive.
Our Time-To-Deliver* is now around 4 weeks for end products and around 2 weeks for tailored products.

Our partners in Europe and in Tunisia are available to make easy your product delivery. We can send your order via sea or air shipping.

*Time-To-Deliver calculated between complete order date and delivery date in a European platform.